My fitness career began before I intended it to, working with a physiotherapist after a fairly severe knee injury. Throughout secondary school I played a lot of sport such as squash, cricket, swimming, and was always active. In the latter years of school I would have the first of what would be multiple knee injuries, due to poor knee stability. I was in a fairly bad way spending six months learning to walk again and quickly became a master of crutches. As a result of this an orthopaedic consultant told me that any impact sports had to be stopped for the foreseeable. That was a massive blow for me! 


While these new found limitations were a disappointment, I also knew the importance of finding a new direction for my life. I was really interested in filmmaking and cameras. I went to film school in London and was fortunate to have an amazing career full of unforgettable memories, seeing the world and forming lifelong friendships.  


However, there was one aspect of it all that I couldn't really accept. I went from being someone who was very active to living quite a sedentary life. Although I had an amazing job, I worked very long hours and was not very active. 


It was after a work trip to Morocco where I got really sick, losing 10kgs in under two weeks and a stay in hospital that got me thinking. I needed some help to get me back on track and I didn't know what I was doing. I recruited a personal trainer and my brief like most guys was to put on some muscle and look good with my top off. Fortunately I was in safe hands with my PT, as I was very much out of my comfort zone in a gym. Over the two years working together my trainer taught me about exercise mechanics, programme design and that nutrition was just as, if not more important. Since then I have been on a journey of development, focusing on functional training, fitness and becoming a personal trainer and Crossfit Trainer.   


From a movement perspective I think it would be fair to say that none of us are perfect. My main focus as a personal trainer is my clients' needs and goals. I'm a firm believer that fitness, sound movement and nutrition are crucial to forming a healthy habitual lifestyle both physically and mentally. Whether this is weight loss, muscle gains, strength and conditioning, toning or even sports specific the clients needs are the foundation. The training applications I use concentrate on the stimulus and technique encompassing the client's goals.


Looking good and moving well go hand in hand, and by varying your workouts I am able to keep them interesting and enjoyable, so you can achieve your goals.


  • Level 2 - Gym/Fitness Instructor  

  • Level 3 - Personal Trainer & Exercise Referral

  • Level 4 - Low Back Pain Management & Exercise (Specialist Referral)

  • Crossfit Trainer - Level 1

  • Nutrition & Weight Management

  • Pre & Postnatal Exercise

  • Suspension / TRX

  • Kettlebells

  • Exercise for Fat Loss

  • Circuits

  • Functional Training

  • Emergency First Aid & Paediatric