Why Failing Can Be Positive

A lot of people assume that failure is a negative thing, fair? Well what if I said to you that failure can be turned into a positive thing. Firstly you'd think I was an idiot and generally you're right but hear me out.

Everybody wants to succeed, who doesn't? If you don't you need to need to have a word with yourself. We all go through life looking to succeed in various capacities from; socially, work, financially etc etc.

If every task you were able to do from now on going forwards you were to succeed at would you do it? Probably. But here's the question. How do you better yourself if you don't fail or make mistakes? How many things have you consciously attempted in your past knowing you probably won't achieve and have tried anyway?

What I'm trying to say is that making mistakes, failing, not succeeding, however you want to put it is not a bad thing and should not always be regarded as a bad/negative thing.

To put it into context I attempted a new 1 rep max back squat yesterday. Last time I attempted this I managed 125kg at a bodyweight of 64kg. I managed to successfully hit the same lift at a bodyweight of 61kg and I was happy with that, I could of settled there. Fortunately one of the coaches said I think you've got 130kg there, so I tried it. I failed but I gave it my best shot. If I hadn't of attempted that I'd of walked away not feeling as happy as I did. I knew by failing I gave it everything I had, my everything wasn't enough so I now have a new target for the future.

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