"I've had experience with a few personal trainers in the past. They always seemed either over or under eager to train me, and were either too aggressive during trainings or not bothered enough. Jay was neither. His focus was on me the whole time but he seemed to gauge perfectly when I needed him to help or when I needed an extra push of encouragement, without letting the intensity slip either. He'll work you hard but you won't complain! It was really a delight to train with his help."


"Jay has shown me how to improve my fitness and how not to give up despite having three children and a full-time mum. He's mapped out goals with me and my confidence has grown tenfold. He's also changed my mind set when it comes down to time  management and nutrition etc."


"In just a few sessions Jay helped me see big improvements both physically and mentally. He was very constructive with his feedback and really helped me work on my motivation. We discussed how to keep going in the future when I don’t have PT sessions booked and was really thorough with his explanations into form, diet and their importance. I would highly recommend Jay for anybody trying to get into fitness and failing going it alone, or for anybody whose workouts have become stagnant and need that extra push!"


"Jay has been an amazing help and inspiration in the three month build up to my wedding. My work doesn't allow a great deal of time for workouts, however despite this Jay managed to create a plan that made sure I reached my wedding body goal. He is dedicated, extremely knowledgeable and I'd highly recommend him to anyone that has a goal in mind. The journey with Jay was as promised; personal, friendly and he was always contactable (even on weekends) if I needed a little boost." 


"Despite a busy work schedule and only seeing Jay once a week working with him has allowed my strength to increase massively, lifting over double the weight of what I started at in a short time-frame. Working with Jay has increased my own motivation to exercise and he tailored a programme that I can do in my own time to build on my overall fitness. Jay's knowledge from both a training and nutritional perspective and his flexibility with my job has kept me coming back despite originally intending to learn the ropes and continue on my own."   


"I had just finished a general fitness programme and needed something different to motivate me. Jay made me a personalised programme and within the first couple of weeks I noticed that I was getting much better results than I was before. I really like that he made me a full body programme instead of what I had been doing before focusing on one area. I also really enjoy that I can do it at home and even though I don't train with Jay in person he's always happy to help and gets back to me so quickly with any questions or concerns I have." 


"Jay is very friendly, encouraging and helps to keep me at a decent pace with correct technique so I always feel pushed and motivated. Whether at the park or in the gym, Jay always found time for me, helping me on my journey to improved fitness and more importantly listened to me, designing my workouts around my job in manual labour so improving my work life too."  


"I have just finished my six week plan with Jay and I’m really enjoyed working with him. He is very encouraging and has made everything clear and manageable. I feel healthier and as though I’m actually helping my body, guided by Jay, which in turn makes me feel more motivated to push myself during the workouts. I wanted to increase my strength and fitness as a dancer, and in turn see what else my body can do in terms of weight training and how it would respond. Over six weeks I've got stronger, fitter, look better and lost 2.5kgs doing so."