-  Initial phone consultation

-  Goal setting help

-  12 weeks of online coaching

-  Weekly check-ins

-  Fully personalised fitness programme tailored to your goals & schedule

-  Personalised nutrition guidance - calories and macro recommendations

-  Workout app to view, log and record workouts

-  Exercise video tutorials

-  Healthy cookbook with over 100+ recipes including MyFitnessPal QR codes

-  Unlimited WhatsApp / Messaging support

-  Food diary analysis

-  Meal prep, alcohol, sleep, stress and more helpful guides





Your 12 week programme will be completely personalised and designed around your goals. Before your programme starts you will be provided with a basic principles of training guide to help you understand how I will help you achieve your results. Whether this is fat loss, building muscle, strength or overall fitness. Although it does help to have some background of training experience it isn't essential. You will have full access to a library of exercise videos to ensure you are training with correct form to help you understand how to move well and with purpose. Whether you have access to a gym, prefer to workout at home or supplement gym classes all of your workouts will be designed to fit around your needs.



As a qualified nutritionist you will be guided through your programme where you are able to make changes step-by-step but also learn how to fuel yourself correctly to help achieve your goals. Your nutrition shouldn't be cutting out lots of foods and feeling hungry all the time. With my coaching you will learn to eat in a way that is enjoyable, sustainable and you can use far beyond your 12 week programme. The healthy cookbook that you will receive can all be tailored to fit your nutrition requirements and there's lots of tasty recipes in there too. Optional calorie and macro targets can be set and monitored for you if you want to really take ownership of your nutrition. Like your training you will also have access to a detailed guide to help you understand and incorporate the fundamentals of nutrition to accomplish your ultimate goal. This even includes tips on eating out and alcohol so you're covered from every angle.



During your programme you will be able to check-in weekly with me to keep yourself accountable. Part of the reason you're looking for an online coach is exactly that so providing feedback weekly gives not only me but you an idea of how you are progressing. You will provided various stats from; weight, measurements and progress pictures. These are all stats that you can track which over time will show your progress if you stick to the programme and check-in weekly. Having an online coach is very helpful to keep you accountable but you have a responsibility to make sure you also hold yourself accountable. If you skip workouts, check-ins I'll be able to see. If this happens then the goal is to get you back on track to achieving your goals without missing too much of your programme. 



With full access to the truecoach training app you'll be able to track your workouts, log your results, view training days, use the in-app direct messaging, watch exercise demo videos and measure metrics. The training app can also be used for body stats and nutrition. MyFitnessPal communicates with the app so this allows me to monitor your full nutrition intake and can see how you're progressing week by week. The great thing about the training app is how simple it is to use whether at home or in the gym. Everytime you complete a workout you can mark it as complete and it sends a notification to me straight away for me to view.